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So late doing this but anyways...

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Rules and Guidelines:
1. Watch 100 movies or more in 2011.
2. Keep track of how many I watch.
3. First time movies only.
4. Leaving entry public. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it.

Netflix Rating System:
1 = Hated it.
2 = Didn't really care for it.
3 = Liked it.
4 = Really liked it.
5 = Loved it so much.

1.) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 = 5
2.) Captain America = 4
3.) X-Men: First Class = 2
4.) Bridesmaids = 5
5.) Horrible Bosses = 2
6.) Super 8 = 4
7.) Bad Teacher = 1
8.) Scream 4 = 3
9.) Insidious = 4
10.) Sucker Punch = 1
11.) Season of the Witch = 1
12.) Something Borrowed = 1
13.) Your Highness = 3
14.) 30 Minutes or Less = 3
15.) Rio = 3
16.) 50/50 = 4
17.) What's Your Number = 2
18.) The Mechanic = 2
19.) The Roommate = 1
20.) Take Me Home Tonight = 3
21.) Paul = 3
22.) Dylan Dog = 1
23.) Thor = 4
24.) Crazy, Stupid, Love = 3
25.) Fright Night = 4
26.) Colombiana = 2
27.) Jane Eyre 2011 = 3
28.) The Greatest Movie Ever Sold = 3
29.) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil = 4
30.) Megan Is Missing = 2

Writer's Block: Seeing stars

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Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

Without a doubt, Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.  I just think it would be fun to hang out with him, you know, if he were real ;)  

Runner-ups: Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Ned from Pushing Daisies, Charles Brandon from The Tudors, Marshall from HIMYM, Raj from Big Bang Theory, Xander from Buffy, Wesley from Angel, and Jim from The Office.

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

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What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
Like two little pigs trying to dance with the same beetle.  I'd like to think the pigs are twins and are both vying for the attentions of the beetle.  And the beetle will soon have to choose between the two because it's getting awkward.

Comment made of win...

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"Here's one of those fun things about humanity. There are certain types of man who have not been taught that women are human beings. They think they have, but in reality they learned all their social "skills" from the media, and don't have any meaningful interactions with any actual women, and cannot, in their minds, separate the idea of "woman" from the idea of "sex." All women, in their heads, are either "wanna screw" or "don't wanna screw." And he treats each woman he meets accordingly."

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Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Race

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Our eyes tell us that people look different. No one has trouble distinguishing a Czech from a Chinese, but what do those differences mean? Are they biological? Has race always been with us? How does race affect people today? There’s less – and more – to race than meets the eye:

  1. Race is a modern idea. Ancient societies, like the Greeks, did not divide people according to physical distinctions, but according to religion, status, class, even language. The English language didn’t even have the word ‘race’ until it turns up in 1508 in a poem by William Dunbar referring to a line of kings.
  2. Race has no genetic basis. Not one characteristic, trait or even one gene distinguishes all the members of one so-called race from all the members of another so-called race.
  3. Human subspecies don’t exist. Unlike many animals, modern humans simply haven’t been around long enough or isolated enough to evolve into separate subspecies or races. Despite surface appearances, we are one of the most similar of all species.
  4. Skin color really is only skin deep. Most traits are inherited independently from one another. The genes influencing skin color have nothing to do with the genes influencing hair form, eye shape, blood type, musical talent, athletic ability or forms of intelligence. Knowing someone’s skin color doesn’t necessarily tell you anything else about him or her.
  5. Most variation is within, not between, "races." Of the small amount of total human variation, 85% exists within any local population, be they Italians, Kurds, Koreans or Cherokees. About 94% can be found within any continent. That means two random Koreans may be as genetically different as a Korean and an Italian.
  6. Slavery predates race. Throughout much of human history, societies have enslaved others, often as a result of conquest or war, even debt, but not because of physical characteristics or a belief in natural inferiority. Due to a unique set of historical circumstances, ours was the first slave system where all the slaves shared similar physical characteristics.
  7. Race and freedom evolved together. The U.S. was founded on the radical new principle that "All men are created equal." But our early economy was based largely on slavery. How could this anomaly be rationalized? The new idea of race helped explain why some people could be denied the rights and freedoms that others took for granted.
  8. Race justified social inequalities as natural. As the race idea evolved, white superiority became "common sense" in America. It justified not only slavery but also the extermination of Indians, exclusion of Asian immigrants, and the taking of Mexican lands by a nation that professed a belief in democracy. Racial practices were institutionalized within American government, laws, and society.
  9. Race isn’t biological, but racism is still real. Race is a powerful social idea that gives people different access to opportunities and resources. Our government and social institutions have created advantages that disproportionately channel wealth, power, and resources to white people. This affects everyone, whether we are aware of it or not.
  10. Colorblindness will not end racism. Pretending race doesn’t exist is not the same as creating equality. Race is more than stereotypes and individual prejudice. To combat racism, we need to identify and remedy social policies and institutional practices that advantage some groups at the expense of others.