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give me something to sing about

give me something to sing about
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GQMFs, 1984, 30 rock, a clockwork orange, a wrinkle in time, across the universe, adele, animal farm, arctic monkeys, arrested development, atonement, bat for lashes, before sunrise, being and nothingness, being human bbc, beirut, bjork, blonde redhead, bob dylan, brand new, brave new world, brick, buffy, cat power, catcher in the rye, city & colour, community, dazed & confused, dead man's bones, death proof, dollhouse, donnie darko, elvis costello, empire records, eternal sunshine, farenheit 451, fever ray, fight club, fiona apple, firefly, fleet foxes, flight of the conchords, heathers, hot fuzz, interpol, iron & wine, jane austen, jane eyre, joanna newsom, kasabian, kurt vonnegut, laura marling, led zeppelin, little women, lord of the rings, marina & the diamonds, martyrs, metric, middlesex, misfits, my fair lady, never let me go, on the road, pan's labrynth, pride & prejudice, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, radiohead, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, se7en, shakespeare, shameless, shaun of the dead, sigur ros, sing in the rain, spaced, st. vincent, sufjan stevens, summer heights high, supernatural, teen witch, the awakening, the beatles, the bell jar, the breakfast club, the dead weather, the decemberists, the fall, the fountain, the hobbit, the it crowd, the kills, the nightmare before christmas, the noisettes, the rolling stones, the second sex, the smiths, the sound of music, the xx, trick 'r treat, true blood, tv on the radio, virgin suicides, wonderfalls, wuthering heights